Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Divine Accommodation

I'm reading through Jon Balserak's (insanely expensive) Divinity Compromised: A Study of Divine Accommodation in the Thought of John Calvin (Springer: 2006) for a book review. It is striking how frequently Calvin turns to accommodation in his exposition of Scripture. This is the best extract from Edwards that I could find in which he discusses accommodation in the context of theological mystery:

'I rather wonder that the Word of God contains no more mysteries in it; and I believe 'tis because God is tender of us, and considers the weakness of our sight, and reveals only such things as he sees that man, though so weak a creature, if of an humble and an honest mind, can well enough bear. Such a kind of tenderness we see in Christ towards his disciples, who had many things to say, but forbore, because they could not bear 'em yet. And though God don't depart from truth to accommodate his revelation to our manner of thinking; yet I believe he accommodates himself to our way of understanding in his manner of expressing and representing things, as we are wont to do when we are teaching little children.'

"Miscellanies" No. 583


Blogger Correcting Battles' translation of Calvin's Institutes said...

Dear Dr. McClenahan,

Please forgive this unsolicited contact, but I couldn't help but notice that you're reviewing my book. I wonder if you might tell me which journal this review will appear in, as I would enjoy very much reading it.

Many thanks and kind regards,
Jon Balserak

5:24 pm  
Blogger Michael McClenahan said...

Dr Balserak

Please email me via the Edwards center.

edwards [at] yale [dot]edu

thank you

6:37 pm  

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