Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Harry Stout @ Princeton

Harry S. Stout, director of the Jonathan Edwards Center, recently traveled to Princeton to give a lecture on the moral history of the Civil War. As any Edwards buff knows, a trip to Princeton by an Edwardsean is a potentially mortal move...not to be taken lightly!

Stout's moral history of the Civil War, Upon The Altar of the Nation, has elicited much acclaim and accolade (a finalist for this year's Lincoln Prize) as well as some controversy. Stout's application of just war theory to America's most contested war has definitely stirred debate and emotion among many of the nation's leading scholars of the war.

Thanks to the Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University, you can check out Stout's lecture on the subject and get in on the debate.

View the lecture with the links below:
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Blogger Alana Asby Roberts said...

Sorry to be an ignoramus posting on your blog, but could you explain why it's "potentially mortal" for an Edwards scholar to go to Princeton? Wasn't he President there? If you don't want to post this as a comment you can email me at alanaasbyroberts@yahoo.com


1:46 am  
Blogger Michael McClenahan said...

Thanks Alana,

This is from our timeline of Edwards' life:

January 4: council convened at Stockbridge releases Edwards from Stockbridge post
January 27: father dies
February 16: assumes office as president of College of New Jersey
February 23: inoculated for smallpox
March 22: dies of complications from inoculation

Fortunately Harry Stout got back safely from Princeton!

7:37 am  
Blogger Alana Asby Roberts said...

Yes, it came to me in the night that you were referring to the manner of poor Mr. Edwards' demise. Here I was imagining inter-scholastic rivalries, secret job-offers, or something as complicated. Mr. Stout mounts the podium, presents some Yale theory of Jonathan Edwards at Princeton for the first time in 50 years, and the Princeton lads and lasses storm the platform armed with old manuscripts and doctoral theses...ambulances are called...

I guess you can tell my intelligence is more weighted to the fictional than the non-fictional. Or maybe, as my seventeen-year-old sister puts it, I just "think too much into things."

Well, congratulations to Mr. Stout on his safe return.

3:22 pm  

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