Thursday, May 24, 2007

Nature of True Virtue in Czech

*from Anna Svetlikova, JEC Fellow*

One of the excitements of the Jonathan Edwards Conference in Budapest was the
showcasing of not two, but THREE new Edwards translations.
As mentioned in a previous post Edwards' Nature of True Virtue has been translated into Hungarian. The translation was presented to the world in the heart of Budapest, together with its companion, the Hungarian translation of Religious Affections.

Given this momentum in Eastern Europe, it should not slip under the radar that just a few days before the conference, the Czech publishing house Navrat also released Nature of True Virtue in Czech, translated by Radek Hanzl. What's more, since Czech and Slovak are very similar languages, Nature of True Virtue is now accessible to Slovaks as well!
Check it out at


Blogger Lance M. Roberts said...

Where can I find this "Nature of True Virtue" in the works of Edwards? At the JEC website I am not able to find it with their searching tool. Thank you.

8:59 am  

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