Monday, September 24, 2007

JEC Hires Adriaan Neele

There are big changes afoot at the Jonathan Edwards Center. Caleb Maskell, who has been the Associate Director of the JEC since August 2004 is resigning his post to begin a PhD in Religion in America at Princeton University. Maskell will be replaced by Dr. Adriaan Neele.

Adriaan Neele comes to the JEC from the University of Pretoria where he was a professor on the Faculty of Theology. A scholar of post-reformation studies, Neele has written a book entitled The Art of Living to God: A Study of Method and Piety in the Theoretica-practica theologia of Petrus van Mastricht.

We are very excited to have Adriaan Neele come on board with us. We will be posting an interview with him on our site in the near future. Also, Caleb Maskell will remain on board at the JEC as a research editor. All of his contact information remains the same.


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