Monday, September 03, 2007

Lloyd-Jones at the Beinecke

'In this crowded trip in the summer of 1967 I think there was nothing which ML-J personally enjoyed so much as the initial weeks of relaxation in New England. It was his longest visit to that part of the States, and he had the leisure to explore the parts of its history and literature which interested him most. He was fascinated by the new Beinecke Library at Yale, and especially by the room housing the Jonathan Edwards manuscripts where he was welcomed by two of the men responsible for the new Yale edition of Edwards' Works. He spent an afternoon with them in conversation and in examining the preacher's letters and sermon notes. No less memorable was a day spent in Stockbridge - the outpost among the Indians where Edwards went after his dismissal from Northampton. ('I always remember that if Edwards could be ejected by his congregation anyone could!' he was to say at the 'At Home' in September.)

Iain Murray, D. Martyn Lloyd Jones: The Fight of Faith 1939-1981 (Edinburgh, 1990), 575-576.


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