Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Divinity of Christ

From "Miscellanies" No. 1349, a lengthy discussion and collection of notes on the Divinity of Christ:

'TRUSTING is abundantly represented as a principal thing in that peculiar respect due to God alone, as a peculiar part of the essence of divine adoration, due to no other than God. And yet how is Christ represented as the peculiar object of the faith and trust of all God's people, of all nations, as having all-sufficiency for them. Trusting in any others is greatly condemned, is a thing than which nothing more is represented as dangerous, provoking to God and bringing his curse on men. Men are abundantly called upon to trust in Christ, not only in the New Testament but the Old, as in the end of the second Psalm and elsewhere.'


Blogger Alana Asby Roberts said...

What apprehension of the whole shape of revelation on this subject, what attention to the supporting details! This gem is a flawless example of Edward's studies - one keen eye on the scriptures, the other on systematic theology, the whole infused by passionate piety.

Apart from his skill, though, it's impossible not to be drawn in by his subject. This is an excellent proof for the Deity of Christ that I had not heard before and one which, far from being academic alone, is pure gosepl. This is more moving than a thousand Canvass Cathedrals.

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Blogger Jonathan Moorhead said...


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Anonymous Ron said...

Dear brother,

Excellent entry. This is off the subject, but I am in need of some help. In light of all the New Age "Christianity" being preached today (which is no Christianity at all), on hearing God's voice in some mystical way, can you refer me to some of Jonathan Edwards writings on how God speaks solely through His word (sola scriptura, I think). I have J.E.'s two volume works, so all I need is the title of some works that address this doctrine. Thank you very much for your time and may the Lord bless you and this much-needed ministry.


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Blogger Michael McClenahan said...


Please contact me via the contact details on the Edwards Center website.

Best wishes


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