Monday, July 02, 2007

The Holy Wrath and Vengeance of God

From Christ's Example an Inducement to Ministers - text from the online archive

'yea gave himself in both body and soul and offering for sin and as the price of the Et. Happiness of the souls of Men as it were in a fur- nace and that the most terrible the furnace of the holy wrath and vengeance of God for the sins of men He did not die a natural but a violent death and that not an accidental death but he was executed as a male factour. and suffered that Kind of Execution that of all that was then in use in the O was the most painfull and the most Ignominious wherein he suffered the most extreme degree of the Contempt and cruelty of the vilest and worst of men and of all Ranks of men and of devils and which was more than all He suffered the terrible Effects of the holy wrath of God .'

A remarkably clear statement of penal substitutionary atonement.


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