Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Herman Bavinck

My excuse for this post is that Bavinck cites JE quite a few times in his dogmatics. My real reason is that I think Bavinck is an excellent theologian and these two biographical essays are worth reading. You should, of course, read the translation of his dogmatics, especially volume three. I think that most of Bavinck's understanding of Edwards is mediated through Warfield, Hodge, and particularly the 1907 essay by Jan Ridderbos De Theologie van Jonathan Edwards

Part I

Part II


Anonymous Nick said...

I've taught some courses on "End of Creation" by Edwards, and I noticed when reading through Bavinck's "God and Creation" (volume 2, I think) that he quotes Edwards' "End of Creation" when he himself discusses why a self-sufficient God would freely create a world He does not need. I agree--Bavinck is worth reading.

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