Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards

We are happy to report that copies of the Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards have arrived at our offices. Right off the bat, it is clear that Stephen Stein has done an excellent job of organizing the material in order to provide what may prove to be the best general introduction to JE's life and thought to date. This will be a standard classroom reference work for quite some time. I can't wait to read it through!

You can get more information on the volume here.


Blogger Jonathan Moorhead said...

Caleb, thanks for the heads-up. It is now on my wish list.

3:11 pm  
Anonymous Matt Wienken said...

Why the evil zombie look on the book cover? Seems I've seen Jesus pictured this way in main line churches. An artistic rendering, I suppose, but nothing about it captures either the appearance or (especially) the character of Edwards himself.

But the book may very well be good!!!

5:25 am  

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