Friday, July 14, 2006


Please note that the price in the last post is in sterling not dollars - just in case you think we are suddenly able to slash the price.

BTW it looks like the "Blank Bible" is going to be delayed: according to Amazon and the Yale Press website it will come out at some point after mid-August. If I hear anything more precise I will post it here. I guess after 250 years we can wait for another few weeks ...

Finally, volume 25 is a very significant collection of sermons. It is about the same length as volume 19 - which has the long discourse on justification taking up lots of space. Therefore, volume 25 will contain the most sermons and cover the longest period.


Blogger C G said...

Where's the cheapest place to get the Works?

8:10 am  
Blogger Michael McClenahan said...

I think cheapest is going to be a very relative term in this post! I know Westminster Seminary bookstore carry the complete list and offer 5 % of the retail price. But I'm not sure if they will ship out of the US - in fact, I'm almost certain they don't.

In time everything will be available through the online archive - the entire letterpress edition and all the unpublished material - which is the equivalent of over 50 volumes.

9:18 pm  

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