Monday, July 17, 2006

Contents of Volume 25

Due out at the beginning of 2007 - here is the contents list ...

Saints Dwell Alone

The Great Concern of a Watchman for Souls

The True Excellency of a Minister of the Gospel

The Beauty of Piety in Youth

Approaching the End of God's Grand Design

The Duties of Christians in a Time of War

Of God the Father

Rebellion in Israel

The Church's Marriage to Her Sons, and to Her God

The Suitableness of Union in Extraordinary Prayer for the Advancement of God's Church

Yield to God's Word, or Be Broken by His Hand

True Saints, When Absent from the Body, Are Present with the Lord

Sons of Oil, Heavenly Lights

Extraordinary Gifts of the Spirit Are Inferior to Graces of the Spirit

A Strong Rod Broken and Withered

Christ the Great Example of Gospel Ministers

Lectures on the Qualifications for Full Communion in the Church of Christ

One Great End in God's Appointing the Gospel Ministry

A Farewell Sermon Preached at the First Precinct in Northampton, After the People's Public Rejection of Their Minister . . . on June 22, 1750

Saving Faith and Christian Obedience Arise from Godly Love

The Peace Which Christ Gives His True Followers

Men's Inhumanity to God

The Things That Belong to True Religion

Heaven's Dragnet

Sacramental Union in Christ

Death and Judgment

Christ Is to the Heart Like a River to a Tree Planted by It

True Grace, Distinguished from the Experience of Devils

God Is Infinitely Strong

God's Use of Affliction

Christ's Sacrifice an Inducement to His Ministers

Warring with the Devil

In the Name of the Lord of Hosts

God's People Tried by a Battle Lost

Of Those Who Walk in the Light of God's Countenance

Farewell Sermons to the Indians

God's People Should Remember Them That Have Been Their Ministers

Watch and Pray Always


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