Friday, June 09, 2006


'There is a two-fold light that God gives to the children of men to discover things to 'em that concern their true interest and happiness, viz. the light of nature, and the light of revelation. The light of nature is manifestation and evidence, that is given of those things to men's natural reason, from those works of creation and God's common providence, that all mankind behold. The other light is revelation, which is something above the light of nature. 'Tis that manifestation God has made of himself to the world by his word, or by his own immediate instructions, given in a miraculous manner by visions, miracles, and the inspiration of his Spirit.

Divine revelation used to be given of old, before Moses, to eminently holy men - as to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Job, Melchizedek, and others - to be delivered to others by oral tradition. And from Moses' time to the death of the apostle John, the church enjoyed a written revelation; and besides that, often had revelation in the other way, viz. by oral tradition from inspired persons living. From that time to this, the canon of the Scriptures being completed, we have only a written revelation, which is contained in the Holy Scriptures. So that the church in all ages of it, has enjoyed a revelation one way or other, which has always been as a light that shines in a dark place.'

Light in a Dark World, a Dark Heart, Works, 19, 710


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