Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Small sobering thought.

True for Calvin, certainly true for Jonathan Edwards:

Robert Kingdon writes

'There is one problem with this as with almost all current work on Calvin's thought that I should like to point out: it ignores the fact that there is a considerable body of Calvin's sermons that has never been published, and that conceivably might force revisions in our opinions when they are made available. Of particular possible relevance for this book are Calvin's eighty-six sermons on Genesis, delivered in 1559 and 1560, manuscript copies of which survive in Oxford and Paris, but only ten of which have been published. Until the entire corpus of these sermons is edited and published, this, like almost all books on Calvin's thought, will have to be regarded as provisional in its conclusions.'

Church History; Jun93, Vol. 62 Issue 2, p264, 2p


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