Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The "Blank Bible"

With regard to the last post a reader emailed and asked 'what is the blank bible?'

'JE's "Blank Bible" is constructed of leaves of foolscap interleaved between the pages of an Old and New Testament. In this rebound volume JE wrote biblical commentary on all books of the Bible.' (Editor's comment Works, 15, 3 n.9)

And as you can tell from the page count (1376) it wasn't very blank after a lifetime of scribbling. It is a companion to Notes on Scripture (see picture above), which is volume 15 in the Works - published in 1998. The "Blank Bible" is two substantial volumes in the Yale Edition (24a & 24b). The editorial introduction is by Stephen Stein editor of volumes 5 & 15.

A cornucopia of exegetical treasures.


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