Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Edwards Spider Comic Strip

"Of all Insects no one is more wonderful than the Spider especially with Respect to their sagacity and admirable way of working.

These Spiders for the Present shall be Distinguished into those that keep in houses and those that keep in forests upon trees bushes shrubs &c and those that keep in rotten Logs for I take em to be of very Different kinds and natures; there are also other sorts some of which keep in rotten Logs hollow trees swamps and grass.

Of these last every One knows the truth of their marching in the air from tree to tree and these sometimes at five or six rods Distanss sometimes..."

-Jonathan Edwards "On Spiders" (1723)

We moderns must have too much time on our hands.

Click here for further evidence.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This spider comic is absolutely delightful and has about it a most excellent quality of beauty.

2:19 am  

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