Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Jonathan Edwards in Korea

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Pastor Baek of Revival and Reformation Press in Seoul, Korea at the JEC. Revival and Reformation Press is presently the licensed publisher of the Works of Jonathan Edwards in Korea. They are responsible for the translation of a number of Edwards-related volumes, including George Marsden's Jonathan Edwards: A Life, the Sermons Reader from the Yale Edition, and the "Great Awakening" and "Religious Affections" volumes.
They have a multi-year plan to publish the entire edition in a Korean translation, with the intention of stimulating more conversation about JE in the Korean academy and church.

They have also commissioned a new portrait of JE for the covers of their volumes, based on the 1877 Weir portrait that hangs in Yale Div School. It strikes me that the new portrait is especially fitting for their project of introducing JE to a Korean context, as I think that their JE portrait even looks a bit Korean...check it out...

ps: A person seeking to approximate the genius of America's greatest theologian would do well to go and pick up the new record from America's greatest living songwriter ASAP.


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You are so off message flogging Dylan through our blog!

Is it good?!

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