Monday, August 07, 2006

High School Teachers Summer Institute (Part Two)

Well, the first-ever JEC High School Teacher Summer Institute drew to a close last Friday. We had a very productive time...all of the teachers involved worked hard to produce components of what will become a really wonderful resource for teaching Edwards in the high school classroom.

We targeted our work towards American Lit courses, focusing on the best ways to teach Sinners in the hands of an angry God. However, a good deal of what we've developed has application in any classroom that interacts with Puritan culture. We have written a concise document that contextualizes the Puritan world, another that presents Edwards' basic theological worldview in the form of an FAQ list, another that shows correlations between Edwards' work and that of other major figures in American culture, and so on.

Once we have fully developed these, we will make them available online in hypertext and in PDF format. It is definitely something that any secondary school teacher (and even college professor) who teaches Edwards or the Puritans will want to check out.


Blogger C G said...

Thanks - I'm looking forward to that. I teach Edwards' 'Sinners' in a BA class on American lit and a MA class on religious revivals but I find that UK students have huge conceptual difficulties working their way into his world. I try to start with 'Sleepy Hollow' - for which forgiveness should be sought - but would value these kinds of resources.

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