Thursday, August 07, 2008

The influence of Jonathan Edwards

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I'm trying to track the contemporary use of Edwards - see the Keller post etc. Can anyone help me with statements from pastors and theologians alive today concerning their debt to Edwards? I guess the two biggest 'names' are Keller and Piper - but are there others?


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Blogger Pastor Steve said...

David Clotfelter, author of Sinners in the Hands of a Good God, published by Moody Press

5:50 pm  
Blogger Dane Ortlund said...

Sam Storms of Enjoying God Ministries, former theology prof at Wheaton.

6:03 pm  
Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

Dr. John D. Hannah, Research Professor of Theological Studies and Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology at Dallas Theological Seminary, delivered a chapel message back in 2003 called A Tribute to Jonathan Edwards. In his new book How Do We Glorify God? from P&R's Basics of the Reformed Faith series includes his testimony to the particular effect Edwards has had on his own theological thought.

11:14 pm  

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