Thursday, April 03, 2008

reviews of the Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards

The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards, Stephen J. Stein ( ed.), Cambridge University Press, 2007 ( ISBN 978-0-521-61805-2), xix+ 342 pp., pb $ 27.99

Mary Coleman of Hartford Seminary writes:

"Stephen J. Stein has done an excellent job of gathering sixteen outstanding essays related to the life and work of Jonathan Edwards. This collection is a very helpful introduction to the current state of scholarship regarding Edwards as well as serving as a wide-ranging review of the developments in that tradition. The individual essays contributed by the three generations of scholars represented in this book go a long way toward orienting any student of Jonathan Edwards to the complexity of the issues involved in any consideration of Edwards's impact on American religious life. The book is a part of the most helpful, many volumed, Cambridge University Companion series."

review in Reviews in Religion & Theology Volume 15 Issue 2 Page 250-251, March 2008

Writing as a history teacher John Fea (Messiah College, Grantham, Pennsylvania) says (History Teacher, Nov 2007, Volume 41, Issue 1), ' Stephen J Stein has gathered an impressive group of scholars ... to provide an excellent overview of Edwards's life and thought. Stein's collection will quickly become the standard introduction to this influential eighteenth-century figure. It should find a place on the bookshelf of anyone who teaches early American history.'


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